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There are many private and public preschools in Ängelholm municipality, but there is no evident difference in quality between them. Generally a private preschool is not more expensive than a public one, but it may occur that you have to pay for membership in private preschools.

As a parent you can use the child care if you are working or studying. If one of the parents is staying at home you do not have the right to use child care. However, all 3-5 year olds have a right to 525 hours public preschool a year. That is equivalent to 15 hours a week, and you cannot use this on days when schools are closed.

You can apply for a place at preschool as soon as the child is born. To apply you fill in an application form where you state the child's native language and the languages that are spoken at home. The application is then processed and the child can be offered a place in a preschool where the child's language is represented to speed up the language development.

The municipality has to offer a place of child care within three months after the application has been processed. If you as legal guardian choose to decline the offer you will instead have to wait for a spot to open up at the preferred preschool.


Ängelholm municipality has a wide range of both public and private schools. The closest international school is in Helsingborg municipality. It is ok to choose to go to a school that is outside the municipality. For questions about school transport please call Ängelholms customer service at +46 431-870 00. If both parents is at work when school ends for the day it is possible to apply for after school care.

Can my children attend a Swedish school when they don’t speak any Swedish?

Yes they can. The process is a little different depending on what year they are in. Year 1-9 is registered through Toftaskolan or Rebbelberga school which act as receiving units. When the first contact is made a meeting with pupil, legal guardian and an interpreter will be arranged.

Year 1-6: The newly arrived pupils will first attend an introduction class where they get basic education in the Swedish language and an understanding of the Swedish society and school. Thereafter they move on to a basic group where they have an individual schedule which they follow until the teachers deem them ready to go on to education in a regular class.

Year 7-9: The same as in year 1-6, but with one difference: the pupil will be formally registered in a class at Kungsgårdsskolan and meet the other pupils in the class before the education in introduction- and basic group begins.

From the age of 16 students have a right to education in Swedish for immigrants, and the contact to arrange this is made via the students school. The education in Swedish will begin within three months if no special circumstances exist.

Swedish for immigrants

Swedish for immigrants (SFI) consists of four different levels, and you are placed in the level that best matches your prior knowledge. The course is free of charge, but you have to be registered in the population register of the municipality to be able to attend. To be registerd in the Swedish population register please contact Skatteverket (Swedish tax agency).

Ängelholm city library

SFI in Ängelholm is adult studies but exceptions can be made for youths age 16 and older. For younger pupils their school has the responsibility for teaching them Swedish. As a participant in SFI you go to the school and study every morning five days a week. Some go through the four levels very quickly.

You register for SFI at Vägledningen at Ängelholm city library. Don’t forget to bring a birth certificate for studies (you can get this at Skatteverket). The time you have to wait before beginning the course varies, but mostly not longer than a month and never more than three months.

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