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Good to know

How to dispose of your refuse

Most of what we throw away can be used again. In Ängelholm everyone must sort their refuse.

Garbage which can be composted is to be placed in a brown paper bag.

For example:

  • Food
  • Kitchen paper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Flowers and plants

That which cannot be composted is to be placed in a plastic bag.

For example:

  • Diapers and sanitary napkins
  • Fabrics
  • Wood
  • Tobacco and cigarette butts
  • Ceramics and porcelein

Paper, newspapers and packing materials for glass, metals, and hard and soft plastic are to be sorted and disposed of separately.

Traveling and traffic

In Ängelholm there are buses which you can take to get to the railroad station. There you can travel further by train to, for example, Helsingborg, Malmö and Gothenburg. If you live in Valhall Park you can also take the train from Barkåkra station.

You can take the bus to Ängelholm's central area where there are stores, among others clothing stores. There is also the library.

You can only pay on the bus with a debit card or with Skånetrafiken's own card "JoJo-kort". You cannot pay with cash, Swedish crowns. You can purchase a JoJo-kort at the station in Ängelholm.

You cannot purchase a ticket on the train. You can purchase one from an automat at the station before you get onboard. At the automat you can pay with a debit card or with Skånetrafiken's "JoJo-kort".

Skånetrafiken's home page, www.skanetrafiken.se, can be translated into several different languages, among others Arabic. There are current timetables and information.

If things start to burn

It is very important to have smoke alarms which will warn you when things start to burn. If things start to burn, telephone 112.

Keep yourself as close to the floor as you can if you must evacuate because things are burning. Smoke rises and it is most often smoke which causes people to die. Close the door behind you when you go out so that the fire will not spread as easily.

It is important that everyone in the family, including children, know how they are to evacuate and where they are to meet when they have evacuated. Remember not to have things in the way on stairways or in front of doors.

Preventing things from starting to burn:

  • Do not have things which can burn near the stove.
  • Unplug electrical appliances when you are not using them.
  • Do not dry clothes or towels on electric heaters.
  • Do not put burning candles near anything which can easily catch fire, and blow them out when you go out.
  • Do not smoke indoorss.
  • Put matches and lighters where children cannot have access to them.

More information on Sweden

On the internet page, www.informationsverige.se, there is a lot of information on the society and how it functions. This is interesting reading which will help you adapt to your new life in Sweden. The information can be read in English, Somali, Arabic, Dari, Persian, and Tigrinya.

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