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Governmental authorities

Subsidies – The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

You will turn to this agency when you are seeking child support, residential support, parents' allowance, maintenance support, etc. It is possible to arrange a telephone meeting in various languages, among them Arabic, Somali and Tigrinya.

Polisgatan 4
262 79 Ängelholm
0771-52 45 24

Jobs – The Employment Office

The Employment Office will give you the right conditions for learning Swedish, finding work, and being able to provide for yourself, as quickly as possible.

As soon as you have received your residence permit or have arrived in a municipality, The Employment Office is to have an establishment conversation with you. In the establishment conversation, which may consist of one or more conversations, you and the worker at The Employment Office will begin to plan for your future in Sweden. The establishment plan will describe the activities in which you must take part so as to obtain work as quickly as possible.

Arbingatan 1 in Ängelholm
0771-60 00 00

Personal Identification number – The Swedish Tax Agency

Persons who live in Sweden are registered, and this is called being registered in the National Personnel Register [Swedish: folkbokförd]. The National Personnel Register contains all names, addresses, personal identification numbers, names of the person's spouse, children and what the person's citizenship is.

Everyone who lives permanently in Sweden has a personal identification number consisting of ten digits, yymmdd-xxxx. (Year, month, day, four personal digits).

If you are newly arrived, you need to visit the Swedish Tax Agency once you have received your residence permit so as to register yourself and obtain your personal identification number. If you are a whole family, all family members need to go to the Swedish Tax Agency.

The Swedish Tax Agency is part of the service office at Polisgatan 4 in Ängelholm. If you need to order an id-card, you need to travel to The Swedish Tax Agency in Helsingborg (Carl Krooks gata 24).

Polisgatan 4
262 79 Ängelholm
0771-567 567

The Swedish Migration Board

The Swedish Migration Board is a governmental authority which examines applications from persons who want to reside in Sweden, to come to visit, to seek protection from persecution or to acquire Swedish citizenship. The Swedish Migration Board will examine every application in accordance with the provisions which govern migration to Sweden. Their task is to see to it that this is done in conformity with the prescribed forms pursuant to the existing rules.

The Swedish Migration Board also gives many people protection from persecution and conflicts. One part of its task deals with receiving applications for asylum from people who come here from trouble spots and safeguarding their right to protection. In collaboration with the UN's refugee organ, UNHCR, they also help refugees in camps around the world to a life in Sweden.

Many people who have moved to Sweden want, with the passage of time, to become Swedish citizens. It is then that they turn to The Swedish Migration Board. Every year a large number of people are granted Swedish citizenship. Citizenship gives a series of rights, for example the right to vote in elections to the Parliament.

Södergatan 39
252 25 Helsingborg
0771-23 52 35

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