Refugee in Ängelholm

Welcome to Ängelholm, a small city on the west coast south of Sweden! Here you can find information and links that can be valuable to you who if you are a refugee from Ukraine.

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Arriving to Sweden?

If you are applying for a residence permit with temporary protection you need to contact The Swedish Migration Agency.

How does the Swedish society work?

Information Sverige is a website that explains how the swedish society works.

Do you want to learn swedish?

Following organisationes in Ängelholm offer courses where you can learn to speak swedish:

The war in Ukraine

Here you find information about the war in Ukraine and how it affects Sweden.

Be aware of people who may want to take advantage of your situation

Keep in mind that people may want to take advantage of your situation. If you stay in one of the accomodations owned by the municipality take immidiate contact with the the staff at the accomodation.

Please pay attention to the risks of human trafficking:

Dogs, cats and pets from Ukraine

There are rules you must follow if you bring a dog, cat, ferret or another pet to Sweden.

Do you want to meet other people and socialize?

Do you want to meet other people? Do you have children and want to socialize with other families or maybe start to learn Swedish?

Send an e-mail to the civil society coordinator of the municipality of Ängelholm:

Medical care

You have the right to care if you are ill. In the first instance, you should contact a health center. In Ängeholm there are several health centers and also a hospital. On the website you will find contact information for all health centers:

In case of emergency

If an emergency occurs and you urgently need the help of police, fire brigade or ambulance, call:

Police non emergency

If you have been the victim of a crime that is not an emergency, call:

or visit the Police Station of Ängelholm, situated om Transportgatan 9C, Ängelholm:

Free travels with Skånetrafiken

With valid ukranian ID you get free travels with Skånetrafiken.

The municipality of Ängelholm

Contact the service centre of Ängelholm municipality:

Adress: Östra vägen 2, 262 80 Ängelholm